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About me, Wizyakuza!

Who are we?

Hi everyone, and thanks for visiting our website! We are a small two man operation dedicated to bringing our fans the most unique and interesting mediums of pop culture artwork. 

Ceasar Ian Muyuela is the digital illustrator and artist from San Mateo, Rizal in the Phillipines! He is the the artistic mastermind behind all the creations at Wizykauza!

Christian Gaarenstroom, a young self-employed digital / idea engineer, works hard to manage and build a unique brand for Wizyakuza by selling prints and finding new clients to commission our artwork across the world. 

Art is an evolution of ideas, and we strive to continually produce interesting, powerful and vibrant creations for the world. Most of our work is influenced and based on pop culture characters and references, as represented by what we genuinely loved and lived for growing up as children. Surrounding ourselves with these concepts has only pushed us to improve and try to reach the highest level we can get to.


Who can sell our art?

Only Ceasar and Christian can! You can support us through our website or visiting our artist alley table at a convention. Please make sure the booth name is Wizyakuza!

Our prints are NOT a commercial goods, and can only be purchased through our website or in person from Christian at a convention. If you ever see our art being used as a commercialized product (on accessories, clothing, and advertising) please contact us immediately! This is stolen artwork! We do not allow for our art to be sold in ANY mass produced commercial fashion.

Please note, as a self-employed individual, Christian can only ship so many orders in a single day. Please be understanding it might take a few days before your order is shipped as Christian may be at a convention or overwhelmed for the day.



We have done commission work for many celebrities, entertainers, voice actors and convention organizers! At the moment, we are NOT accepting new commission requests. I apologize for this inconvenience, and will update this page when we being accepting new commissions.


Shipping Information

Christian ships out orders Monday through Friday, and takes the weekend off. Typically, orders are shipped in under 24 hours. However, if we are out of stock of a print, 3 - 5 business days may be added to your shipping time. 

Domestic orders will take 1 - 5 days to arrive. International orders can take anywhere from 10 - 30 business days to arrive during COVID. Please be patient and continue to wait for delivery.


Top Loader (Plastic Cover) Breakdown:

 3D Prints - Come with their own Top Loaders

Autographed / Metal Prints - Come with their own Top Loaders

Paper Prints - Come 4 Prints inside 1 Top Loader

*NOTE: For Paper Prints, if you want a Top Loader for EACH Print, Order the "Extra Toploader" Option!


Contact us?

Question regarding your Website Order? You can call or email us at anytime (we reply to emails faster).

Anaheim, CA 92805


Refund Policy

Refunds are accepted, as long as the merchandise is returned (with the order number) and in the condition it was received. Buyers have 30 days to return the item for a full refund.